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Design We don’t just give a facelift to your website, we create a brand driven experiences that convert.

eCommerce Services
eCommerce Services

Design + Strategy

We seamlessly blend elegant design, marketing savvy and technical wizardry to create beautiful online experiences.
DiamondBack eCommerce Case Study

Data-Driven Design

We think about three things where design is concerned: branding, user experience and conversions. We believe that every brand is unique and through UX research we learn how your customers react when they encounter your site.
We know that effective branding coupled with a killer customer experience will drive a positive lift in conversions. This strategic approach allows to engage your customers at every stage of their shopping experience, converting them into brand loyalists.

LevelCommere conducted thorough user testing and UX research to validate a new navigation approach and search for DiamondBackCovers.
This strategy, part of a broader effort to define a clear identity through design, led to a 27% conversion rate increase and made DiamondBackCovers one of the top performing Shopify Plus Stores.

Intelligent Design

Our team uncovers game-changing data, and when partnered with our creative, strategic, and technology resources we create converting experiences.
Our knowledge of insights will identify the most profitable segments and will convert visitors into customers.

LevelCommerce helped to tailor unique experiences for different customer groups. Customers were served product recommendations based on their browsing pattern, personal shopping history as well as comparative order data. These initiatives have generated a significant order volume increasing conversions more than 20%.

Dormco eCommerce Case Study
Prodrinkingfountains eCommerce Case Study

Visual Strategy

From elegant color schemes to meaningful style guides, we help you craft a luxury eCommerce experience and brand identity that drives user interactions and sets your business apart.
We embrace design to convey meaning that builds your brand. Your Customers will not just see design, they will feel it.

LevelCommerce creative team developed an elegant brand identity for After our redesign, conversion rate for mobile and tablet went up by 60%.