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Imagine is the Magento annual conference where retailers, developers and technology partners meet every year to discuss everything that is related to ecommerce.  This year the conference was jam packed with an interesting content and great conversations.  One of the hot topics was the Magento migration from M1 to M2 version.  With M1 version coming to its end of life and won’t be supported by Magento, many discussed the challenges that the industry is facing in migrating the ecommerce shops across the two platforms.  There is not a single solution that could fit and resolve the problem, due to variability of installation and customization of many retailer’s websites.  Some toolsets  (Git Hub Code Migration Tooland Git Hub Data Migration Tool) were discussed that focus on the store data migration between the versions.  However, the front-end UI design and extensions functionality are still not that easy to standardize both across the different versions and dissimilar retailers’ websites.

During the conference, Magento has announced a release of five new sets of products:

  1. Wholesale B2B Functionality with some of the core functionalities for managing multiple corporate accounts including multiple tiered accounts, customer specific pricing, quick order front-end functionality.
  2. RJ Metrics was incorporated in Magento BI module will consolidate the data from your Magento database, Magento extensions and other third-party tools to help business owners optimise their acquisition, retention and conversion strategies.
  3. BlueFoot CMS was incorporated into Magento Advanced CMS and it is a powerful page builder which will allow users to create great looking content pages quickly and easily without the need for other platforms or systems.
  4. Magento Shipping now is available with Cloud and Commerce Order Managements.
  5. Magento Social will create opportunities for businesses to generate new revenue streams by turning their social profiles into digital storefronts. It works by syncing your product catalogue with your social networks in just a few simple clicks.
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